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Learn how to develop a good business idea, evaluate the market, test assumptions, target your audience, write a business plan and finally, how to launch and scale your business.

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Founder and instructor Byron Reese invites you to explore the course curriculum and member benefits enjoyed by the Frugal Founder community.


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Subscribers meet in the Frugal Founder Community Forum and access a growing list of resources, templates and a step-by-step guide to starting a business.

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Guest founders share tips and insights from their experience launching and growing successful companies.

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One-on-one coaching 

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Learn how to start and build a successful business with as little as $101. Featuring 10 lessons totaling five hours and guest interviews with notable entrepreneurs, each who have built their dream businesses into reality.

In this 10-lesson video-based course, I offer step-by-step instruction and key insights on how to build your dream business with as little as $101.

Students learn key methods for starting a business on a small budget and hear real-life, startup success stories from CEOs and famous founders, each who have built successful companies with very little. 

To learn more about me and this course, visit the About page.

  • 10 video-based lessons, totaling five hours
  • Bonus interviews with notable founders totaling several hours  
  • Course resource document, and personal business plan template
  • Transcript downloads

To learn more about this course and your instructor visit the About page.

  • Lesson 1: Why today is the best time in history to start a business
  • Lesson 2: Finding a good idea that is also a good business
  • Lesson 3: Attributes of a good business and a good market 
  • Lesson 4: How do you test your business idea?
  • Lesson 5: Building basics: legal, accounting, compliance, taxes, government and all the rest
  • Lesson 6: Creating a personal business plan
  • Lesson 7: MVP and launch
  • Lesson 8: Pricing and promotion, sales and marketing
  • Lesson 9: Scaling and failing 
  • Lesson 10: The road forward 
  • Bonus interviews with notable founders

To learn more about this course and your instructor visit the About page.

  • John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods 
  • Sara Sutton, founder and CEO of Flex Jobs 
  • Bob Metcalfe, co-founder of 3Com 
  • Brett Hurt, CEO and founder of Bazaarvoice 
  • Howard Love, angel investor and author 
  • David Hehman, entrepreneur and angel investor 

"I’m a big fan of Byron Reese’s work as a futurist, technologist and author ... Was pleased to come across his newest project, Frugal Founder Academy. The new content Byron is putting out is surpassingly smart and easy-to-digest. He demonstrates with effortless logic how this is the best time in history to start a business ... Byron’s masterclasses, shot from his home office, may be a best kept secret ... the startup community is really fortunate he’s doing this. Highest recommendation that you check it out immediately."

Rob Lubow,
CoFounder Botcopy


The course also includes bonus interviews with successful guest entrepreneurs, each contributing their expertise, insights, and entrepreneurial experience. Additional guest founder interviews are added monthly.

Welcome to Frugal Founder Academy

Hi I'm Byron Reese,

A lifelong entrepreneur with multiple IPOs and successful exits under my belt, I am driven to support the success of new entrepreneurs. 

As an instructor, author, entrepreneur, and technologist, I have addressed hundreds of corporations and professional organizations on almost every continent discussing how to excel in the world of tomorrow, and how to successfully to build businesses today. 

I decided to use time during the COVID lock down to create a space to share my techniques for repeated entrepreneurial success.

By following these lessons entrepreneurs are given a clear roadmap on how to achieve their goals.

Some of the business accomplishments I am most proud of include: 

  • Starting a company that sold for tens of millions of dollars
  • Starting another that merged with a Fortune 500 company
  • Serving as a C-level executive during a multi-billion dollar IPO
  • Starting a YouTube channel that has over 3 billion views
  • Creating websites with over a billion total visits
  • Selling over $20 million in products he invented and brought to market
  • Being awarded multiple patents
  • Authoring two bestselling books

Over the last few years, I have spoken to hundreds of audiences on every continent (except Antarctica) on how I did all this.  And now, I have created Frugal Founder Academy to teach others how to achieve their dream of being an entrepreneur even if they have very little money. 

In the spirit of “doing a lot with very little,” I am pricing this at just $10 a month. On top of that, I’d like to invite you to try it out for free for seven days. You can use that free week to begin my 10-lesson course "Frugal Founder 101 Masterclass: How to start a business with as little as $101."

The course also comes with six bonus interviews featuring some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know, including the founder of Whole Foods as well as the inventor of Ethernet.

Additional member benefits include new guest founder interviews each month, weekly Q&A webinars, participation in our member forum, live guest lectures, and more.

I hope you will join us. Again, try it free for seven days, watch the course, cancel at any time.

Good luck on your entrepreneurial journey,


Now is Truly a Great Time to Start a Business

Watch this two-minute video, to learn about the opportunities I believe the future holds, even in lean times, for entrepreneurs today.


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